GOOD AND BAD THOUGHTS will always react in the opposite direction which always lead to the theory called evolution.

According to hindu religion  human characters will developed as different species of animals if there is no self control over emotions ,sex and desires and earth is only temperory home.There is no clear evidence in hinduism about who is first mother and father in this earth.

images (2)

According to ancient people in hindu they believe that GOD  is the only person through angels who helped them to fight all the difficult sufferings faced by their life .

There is also a famous sentence told by god IN GITA”YOU WILL MUTATE ACCORDINGLY AS YOU THINK”.

The above sentence meaning is that if we didn’t control our bad thoughts it will affect their kid’s generation as well as themselves for survival like the picture below


EVIDENCE – ADAM AND EVE STORY OF EVOLUTION .This can be seen even  in today’s teenager’s face.Children are the stage where they will copy  what adult  does.



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