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Mukthi meaning when the person born in this earth have to leave this earth and must unite with God. I don’t know how  far they believe in other religion.In that inbetween gap life is too short and half of the life period is been wasted in child hood and our innocence and our meaningless joy which is applicable for all religion   So the better fact is we utilize our life to live without disturbing other and to live in a friendly manner andunderstanding  the reality.

The above picture is to tell those who don’t understand the reality is been explained  from a  famous story in Hindu epic of a king name hiranyan who was taught a lesson by his own son who is the devotee of God and he took three avatars as devil to release self from self suffering.

-The meaning of the picture is that the king was adamant in establishing only his dominance as God throughout the universe which was not accepted by his own son and his argument boosted his temper level very high to such a extent and ask his son where is GOD and he should   make GOD come from inside the pillar and if HE IS LIFE IN THE FORM OF UNIVERSE.  Then God came in form of a lion  when his son prayed. After that he teared hiranyan body  depicting that death occurring to the body  cannot be stopped by anyone according to good and bad deeds done by that person and no matter how much he prevents , and after that God took his soul meaning to release from the clutches of desires of all kinds and many harmful character . Since  the body which would perish easily and key to many sufferings soul is considered as immortal .If the person ‘s thought is not willing to get out of the body at his final death stage , God himself will start His action to release the soul to have a new life like shown in the picture as per Hindu mythology.


  1. His soul should get liberated from the decaying body and to proceed on next step to reach God,by doing this every one is benefited.

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