This is what the person looks like in a picture when the person is affected by hallucinations meaning the person is imagining himself and getting self hypnotised.

He usually gets this when his stress levels are very high during any conditions.


For example  the patient travelled  to one place and meet a friend and tell to doctor what has happened ,but in realty only doctors knows that his patient was actually half asleep ,to understand in a easy way ,a boy’s  imagination of how he live with his girl friend.

Worst conditions of hallucination leads to drug addict,self addict followed by paralysis and when it is not treated properly it leads to even seizures.

Cure -eating Krishna or rama thulasi and proper caring treatment from doctor saves the life

Woman alarmed

BRAIN instincts is some thing your brain functions in a such a way that it alerts all ur five sensory organs to be self protection and get ready for action .This HAPPENS ONLY WHEN  YOUR SOUL THINKS.


HEART FEELINGS is nothing but your emotions comes deep within your heart which should be controlled by us like meditation which can be learnt by different yogic or buddhist monk taught by them in their class. .

[This hallucination ,brain instincts,heart feelings and illusion topic created by me and accepted by my all friends who truly helped me from their heart feelings starting from my undergraduate college life .THIS INSPIRATION IS  FROM DISCOVERY CHANNEL’S MANY DOCUMENTATION STORY ABOUT REALITY OF A PRESENT WORLD AS A PROOF( AND GUIDANCE FROM MY MASTER CHING and LEK to live an ordinary simple and peaceful life when i was teenager.)](This hallucination and illusion epic topic alone  it took 15 years of documentation by me and my friend’s experience in life time which started from my college life.)(Discovery channel approach of teaching can be easily understand by uneducated indian mothers even though they don’t know the language who really want to protect their kids).


(TRUE FRIEND MEANING -THOSE WHO STAND AND PROTECT US WHEN WE FACE THE PAINFULL EXPERIENCE.they will never speak much only  person who really wants to understand the reality  can understand the ruthram website. )


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