Multi drug resistance,ESBL,MRSA.

Mechanism of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, labeled diagram.
Mechanism of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, labeled diagram.

There are various reason for a strain to become a multi drug resistance, for example when the patient is highly sensitive to micro organisms and when he  taking the drug which is already resistant to the fever which he  had taken before ,and that is called intrinsic drug resistance,this intrinsic drug resistance can be turned either as ESBL or MRSA.

What ever it is the majority of strain is nosocomial infection and very rarely a minority strain such as soil opportunistic pathogens.

The first reason  is  when the patient becomes more vulnerable to entry of pathogens and the second is the atmosphere of patient’bed ,accessories etc  where he was admitted and the third is the microbiology lab itself.

Coming to microbiology lab the first reason is the media plate which makes the pathogens or non pathogenic spores present in the atmosphere when settled on culture innoculated plate all makes the alterations of growth in pure culture leading to  resistance whether the media is made up of plant tissue extract or beef extract. The second  is time of when lawn and disc placement placed on media should not be delayed..the third is media composition and pH whether it is plant tissue extract or beef extract tolerate this problems instead of using beef extract media they can use plant tissue extract media and microbiologist should  understand the patients symptoms and history and try to eliminate the microbes outside the body by joining hands with the botany as combined subject in microbiology ,so that the patient feel better in real life.

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Micro inoculated cultures

microbiology_posterLML Antibiotic gradient Etest strip Imipenem


Its seems practically impossible but some one has to try out to reduce the fear of microbes that is death.


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