Removing puberty

originalWhen a women undergoing transition phase from child hood to adult THERE IS ALWAYS A CHANGE IN THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM leading to the menstruation phase ,during this time microbes like streptococcus agalatiae,trichomanas vaginalis and candida albicans,toxoplasma gonidi,cytomegalovirus (herpes simplex virus also responsible but is a sexually transmitted viruses)species will be present in the vagina and start invading the body.

Automatically there is a immune response leading to the mucosal white discharge.

At the same time when mucosal discharge is released more it means it starts invading eggs leading to the declination of egg production,in worst cases it even stops the female transition phase of becoming adulthood ,even when the patient outcomes the trouble the patient looses its outerskin  starting like a white patch ,this has to be stopped by doctor or through self caring.

Cure by self caring: THE PATIENT HAS TO TAKE KRISHNA THULASI AND MANY GREEN LEAFY FOODS such AS MURUNGAI keerai AS FAR AS POSSIBLE and must keep self clean with lukewarm turmeric bath and  avoiding processed foods with spicy foods and also must eat only self made foods like bread ..

Women under going puberty stage must avoid non vegetarian foods,instead they can take other protein foods like nuts and grains.Avoiding mixing of non veg with curd is not a good option.


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