United World once happened in India millions of years back..

The meaning is people all over the world where interested in gaining the knowledge of india and established some trade work in india..

For example in greece the zeus who is called as a thunder god who is been described as thevan indra also as thunder god with ladies weakness ..it was him who get help from rishi of india to save his country ..

unnamed (80)

Similarly in an ancient hindu epic times there was a practise that women is considered as a healer by using the plants and preserve the culture, wearing one long simple dress made of cotton or silk representing that we are all once from undeveloped times and this was followed strictly starting from hiranyan period ,lord murugar followed by sivan followed by ramayana and existed till mahabaratha. People export woods and iron piece from other countries which is used to make arrows especially from china which is used only for self defence . In same way we export -knowledge by preaching how to live for example our knowledge is been accepted by the wicked women of the britishers (i am not mentioning the witches.)where they all been killed by british men (after Jesus Christ born) unfortunately portraiting them as witch.

In Iyappan avathar Babar respected the indian people’s simple life style and their good deeds which made Anbar to stop invasion of south side..

Mughals and britishers in some part of india cannot established their full fledge conquest in some parts of india because some with bad mentality indians during chola period followed the mayan technique which was originally discovered by ancient egyptians to protect themselves …

What ever the history may be indians at the ancient times where able to dominate the world in a friendly manner ,but this friendly manner does not existed in certain generation..of indians after chola decline.


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