Guru tharmam(duties)

Guru qualities


He must make the student first belief in him selves

Then he must maKe the student understand and explain that the whole universe existed and formed from one atom and that atom is called god.

After that the student make him realize that each part of atom of his soul and body was donated by god and was gaurded by parents.

Then guru should preached all the students that human is a part of nature which we called as god and he is found everywhere  like the famous sentence in tamil saying about god is “thunulim irupan thurumbilum irupan”.and make the student release from bad qualities which are nothing but harmful characters.

If the student disobey then the student mentally rejects gurus help without his knowledge and fell in clutches of problem where he never get up.

If at all the student realized himself and want to release himself..the guru must make him realized that god appears in the heart of child who think god as his or her parents like a famous tamil poem word saying that “thodu udaiya sevian “meaning bright light as himself and in the form of a human to make the child see him and tell him that HE is there to save us both physically and mentally when there is a situation.

All the most guru must realised that all wonders were happening only according to God’s will not to human’s will


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