This is the disease which is detected from birth
It infects the working eye making the person to view as double vision and weaken the nerves connecting the nerve and to the brain responsible for vision which makes the person to see as darkness sometimes and the person frequently get the throat infection,and still there is more leading to different types of paralytic attack.

CURE..eventhought there is not a permanent treatment
Still there is a hope
First is drinking water plus thulasi(basil leaves) which improves eyesight some of paralytic effect like improper or stoping of muscular function .eating thulasi to secure heart function because the dystonia patient rarely suffered from heart problem .

Eating murungai leaves will surely helps to relaxed the nerves and improves the brain function.

During night person must drink milk containing karupatti
which gives the patient nice sleep and absorption of nutrients which aids in cure of constipation and night teeth grinding.

In addition the person must drink luke warm water to hydrate self and to heal the irritating cough


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