Road accident injury solution

Thandu greens ,murungai green leaves,karupatti,turmeric,siragam kachayam with some kolluparupu rasam and ulunthamparu

Thandu keerai helps to heal the bone

Murungai release from body pain and encourages brain healing

Karupatti helps the blood formation and encourages good circulation and aid..s in bone formation

Turmeric helps to heal the blood clott and heals the internal damage

Siragam which helps to activate the internal organ

So this kachayam can be consumed early morning daily.

No disadvantage only advantage

That is to tell in word u become lean and healthy

Kolluparupu rasam reduces fever during injury and acts as Anastasia when eaten along with thulasi .

Ulunthamparupu helps to heal the last energy which has to be gained by the body …


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